The Team See who is involved in our company

Matan Radomski
Matan Radomski

Matan Radomski Head of Company/Head Programmer

Matan is the head programmer and the head of Busted Gamepad Studios. "It all started out when I heard of "Indies VS Pewdiepie" game jam. I decided I will participate in the competition and gathered up a team for it. When the game jam ended we decided that we get a company going and continue working on games and that's how we came up with Busted Gamepad Studios."

Albin - 'Nikolad92'

Albin - 'Nikolad92' Head Designer

Albin Björn is the head designer for the company. He makes sure that things looks good and smooth for release. Working with Photoshop and other image processing programs. Albin Björn is also known as "Nikolad92" In many occasions.


Matthew - 'Madhead'

Matthew - 'Madhead' Website Manager

Madhead is the website creator and manager, he created this website and is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly on it. "I have previous experience in other companies as well as working with other teams. I also know LUA, PHP, CSS and I am currently learning Java."

David - 'DeveloperOS'

David - 'DeveloperOS' Steam Community Manager

David is the Steam Community Manager, when our games will go through Steam Greenlight, he will be the one in charge of managing its community and the Steam intergration in our games. "I started working at Busted Gamepad Studios after the Game Jam ended, at which we participated with our first game 'Project: Manipulation'."