Project Manipulation Control Physics, Solve Puzzles


Welcome, and thanks for volunteering to help us test our latest project:
Project "Manipulation". You are going to be given our Physics Manipulator, our latest development. This device can manipulate physics using rays. You can use it to flip and completetly remove an object's gravity. Turn it into a huge magnet and even freeze it in its place, making it completely un-moveable. We also added a very nice feature for you to test, a shockwave mode. Taking a huge shockwave out of the gun, pushing anything infront of it, and throwing you in the opposite direction.

You are going to be put in many test chambers and help us test our "gun" - the physics manipulator.

We will give you the device equipped with 5 modes:

Anti-Gravity Mode - Sends a ray that flips the gravity of an object.
Zero-Gravity Mode - Cancels gravity for any object it hits.
Freeze Mode - Making the object it hits completely frozen and un-moveable (for a short period of time.)
Magnetise Mode - Making any object a it hits a magnet! You can also change the power of the magnet!
Shockwave Mode - Send a shockwave towards the position you are facing, pushing you and other objects around!

Well recruit? Think you are ready? So put on your suit, slap on the boots and get ready for work!

Play the Demo!

We have a demo version of the game for you to try out! Give it a go! It's completely free to try!

Play the Demo!
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